Locked Out of Your House? Here’s Everything You Can Do!

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Door locks for the house are created and installed to provide safety to the house. They are pretty robust, and it is not easy to break them, and thus are great for safety and security. However, these locks can become a menace for you if you are unfortunately locked out of your own house! It is thus essential to know a good key locksmith near you ready for help 24×7. 

Keys are often clumsy and have a high chance of being forgotten at home! Especially, the people that have doors that are locked without keys often tend to forget to take the keys with them. Generally, people do not realize the importance of handling and carrying home keys unless they face such an experience. Every person tends to panic when they realize they do not have the keys to their main door. 

So what should you do in such a circumstance? Read on to know how you must react in a situation like this. 

What To Do?

Below are a few things you can do in case you are locked outside your home. 

1.Contact Someone For a Spare Key.

Sometimes, your spouse, children, or parents might have a spare key to the house. You must ensure to contact any close person that might have the key. For example, if you live on rent, your landlord or brokerage agencies might have a spare key to the house. You should contact them and ask them for the key, which can help you go back inside. 

2.Take The Help of Neighbors.

You can spend some time at your neighbors’ place till help comes in, or if you are waiting for your husband or parents who have the keys to come. You can do this only if you are friendly with your neighbors (pro tip- always be on good terms with your neighbors!). This could help you restrain from waiting out in the cold, especially when it’s raining, snowing, or too late at night. 

3.Use Handy Tools.

You can use the little things you use daily to break into your house. For, e.g., you can use a bobby pin, paper clip, spring bolt, or a hard plastic card. However, if you can break into your house using these methods, you should consider changing your locks and enhancing their security levels, as if you can break in, anyone else can. You must contact an essential locksmith near you in this regard. 

4.Remove The Doorknob.

If your main door is locked only through the doorknob and the deadbolt is not locked, you can try removing the doorknob to unlock the door. Most doorknobs come with concealed connections or mounting screws and have a pin-size hole on the bottom or the side of the doorknob. To dismantle the doorknob, you should- 

  • Take a paper clip or a bobby pin and insert it into the hole. 
  • Apply pressure and keep pushing the metal tool with one hand and twisting the doorknob with the other hand. 
  • Continue this process until you have successfully removed the door knob. 
  • You will now see a decorative plate, and on removing it, you will see the lockset. You can use the screwdriver or the pin you used to remove the knob and pull back on the locking mechanism. This will unlock the door. 

5.Break Into The House.

If you cannot remove the main door’s lock, you can look for other ways to break into the house. However, these ways might be risky, and unless there is an emergency, you should try not to do this. You can break into your house through- 

  • Other doors- look for the back door, kitchen door, sliding door or any other door your house has to look for any chance of entering. 
  • Windows- if your windows have enough space to allow a man to fit, you can check if any of your windows are open. You can even try the windows on the upper story. However, you must do this very carefully. 
  • Dog door- you can try to get in through the dog door if it is not locked. If you have a kid with you, you can ask him to get inside through a dog door and then open the door from inside. 

6.Contact a Key Locksmith.

All the steps mentioned above are suitable for certain people only. However, the best thing to do in a situation where you are stuck out of your house, you must contact a key locksmith near you as soon as possible. A key locksmith will help you dismantle the lock professionally or forge a similar key instantly to help you go into your house. Locksmiths come with professional tools and are an affordable and ap test option to solve this problem. 

What Not To Do?

Desperate times might coerce you to take desperate measures. However, there are a few things that you must avoid doing in such cases, which are mentioned below. 

1.Don’t Break a Window.

If you break a window, you might end up hurting yourself. Glass can pose a threat to your eyes, arms, hands, etc. Not to forget, you will have to pay a hefty price to get the window fixed again. Thus, you must avoid breaking a window. 

2.Don’t Drill The Lock.

If you have access to a drill, drilling the lock is an easy way to break in. However, it also comes with many future costs, as you will need to replace the whole door if you use a drill. 

3.Don’t kick the door.

If you kick the door to open it, it can damage the door and its jams and locks. You will need to replace all three of them, and you might even injure yourself heavily in the process. 

Key Takeaways

Not having a key to the house is a common problem that can happen to anyone. Therefore, you must have the number of a key locksmith handy with you for such problematic situations. 

In this regard, Auto Locksmith Reno is a renowned and trusted key locksmith company in the Reno, Nevada, area. We offer instant assistance at affordable prices in case you are locked out of your house, your office, or maybe your car. With our services, you do not need to panic in such cases. All you need to do is contact us for help, and we will be right there to help you. 

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