Reasons Why Your Car is Not Opening or Starting

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Imagine you are already late for work, and when you reach the car, it doesn’t open. Your rage adrenaline will surely touch the skies! Cars are an evident part of our lifestyle which we use every day. Without them, everyday human life is almost incomplete. Similarly, keys are an integral part of cars, without which the cars cannot work. They are the machinery that lets you open the car and turn it off; without them, you cannot even enter your car or drive it alone. 

Today, two car keys are on the market, manual and automatic. The manual one must be inserted in the car’s keyhole to start the vehicle, while the automatic must be in the car to turn on the ignition. Therefore, you might need the help of an expert car key locksmith near you in case you get any troubles with the keys or locks of your car. 

To avoid car key-related troubles and mitigate them instantly, you need to understand the problems associated with car keys. So today, we will discuss the various issues with car keys that might cause you trouble. 

Why is Your Car Key Not Working?

If you cannot open your car or start your ignition with your key, there might be an issue with your key, the door lock, or ignition cylinders. First, let’s read about the common problems. 

1.Using The Wrong Key

Sometimes when we are in a hurry, we tend to pick up the wrong key for our car. This situation can occur primarily when you have two or more vehicles from the same company.

Almost all automatic keys today look similar, especially with a cover on them. Although there are slim chances of this, if you ever face a problem of your car not opening, you must ensure that you use the right key. 

2.Dead Battery of The Key Fob

The most common reason for a key not working is that its battery is dead. This happens over time, as you might feel your car key needs to be taken nearest the car handle to open it.

If your car’s ignition is automatic, your vehicle might not even start as it will not be able to detect the presence of the key in the car. You should regularly keep a check on the battery of the key fob to avoid such a situation. Generally, after a year or so, whenever you get your car serviced, you should also replace your key fob’s battery. 

3.Damaged Door Lock

Sometimes, the door of the car might not lock or unlock properly. This kind of problem generally occurs with the cars and doors that the thieves have attempted to break in.

Also, if your car is quite old. Its keys and lock cylinders might wear out. In such cases, replacing the car door cylinder becomes crucial, which a regular car locksmith or a car key locksmith can do for you. 

4.Worn Out or Damaged Key

It is pretty tricky and irritating to use a key that is worn out or damaged. Furthermore, with time when the car keys get old, they are exposed to the risk of wearing down.

This might stop you from opening or even starting your car in the case of automatic keys. Therefore, if you feel that your car key is worn out to a great extent or completely damaged, you must contact a car key locksmith near you to get the key replaced. 

5.Worn Out Ignition Cylinder

Just like the lock cylinder, the ignition cylinder might also wear down. This generally happens over time or if there is some fault in your car’s engine. Therefore, you must get your car checked by a mechanic or an automotive expert if you cannot start your car’s ignition with your keys.

The solution to this problem is the replacement of the ignition engine. Also, heavy keychains result in quick wearing out of the cylinder, and thus, you should ensure that your keychain is not too heavy. 

6.Your Ignition Lock is On

An ignition lock is a safety feature of the car which prevents it from hotwiring. Generally, the ignition and the steering lock, you cannot turn on your car even after inserting the key.

This problem happens with cars that have a manual ignition system. To remove this lock, you must move your steering wheel back and forth, and you will feel that something like a lock has just been released in the steering region.

7.Key Stuck in Ignition

A common problem people with manual keys face is that their keys sometimes get stuck in the ignition hole. The driver must ensure in such a situation that the transmission is in “park” for automatic transmission cars and neutral in manual transmission cars.

However, if you still cannot retrieve your keys, you must contact a car key locksmith, who will solve your problem by replacing the ignition lock cylinder. 

Final Thoughts

You need to take good care of your car keys and door locks. Also, you must identify any budding problems you are experiencing with your car keys before they become a big issue.

Finally, you must regularly change the cells of the car keys and handle the keys, the door locks, and the ignition points with care to ensure they do not cause any trouble.

In emergencies, however, you must have a well-known car key locksmith near you who can assist you in dire circumstances. 

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